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  Why do we have funerals?
It is the customary way to recognize death and its finality. Funerals are recognized rituals for the living to show respect for the dead and to help survivors begin the grief process.
A funeral do... Read More>>

What is the difference between a funeral and a memorial service?
A funeral always involves the presence and final disposition of a dead human body as part of the practical and ceremonial obligation. A memorial service is any service that commemorates a death but do... Read More>>

When should funeral arrangements be made?
There is no "right" time to make funeral arrangements. Many families find that planning ahead puts their mind at ease, and for these families pre-arrangements may be very helpful. As many families fee... Read More>>

How much does a funeral cost?
Like health-care, education, housing, or transportation, the range of expenses related to funerals is a wide one and will depend upon a number of variables. Staff and professional services, use of fac... Read More>>

How much does a casket cost?
A full range of caskets are available at the funeral home. Prices range greatly depending on type of material the casket is made of. In addition to traditional caskets in wood and metal, cremation ca... Read More>>

Why should I consider funeral pre-arrangement?
Pre-arrangement allows you to meet with a Professional to select the type of service you prefer. This may include the recording of biographical information and or selecting merchandise such as service... Read More>>

Are there any benefits to preplanning one's funeral service?
There are many reasons why individuals preplan their funerals some are:
A) It can relieve an emotional burden from those you love
B) You can express your own wishes
C) You can relieve the fin... Read More>>

Can I have a funeral service before cremation?
Cremation is not intended to replace a traditional funeral, it is simply an alternative to earth burial or entombment. The cremation would take place after the traditional funeral service has been com... Read More>>

What services are available if cremation is chosen as final disposition?
One choice available to families that utilize cremation is having a visitation with the body present and a funeral service then cremation. Another choice for families is to have the cremation take pla... Read More>>

After cremation, does burial of the cremated remains have to take place?
Burial is only one choice that families can utilize for cremated remains. Some prefer to keep the cremated remains in their personal possession where others choose to bury. Scattering is also a choice... Read More>>

What if I die while traveling abroad?
When the death occurs, the immediate family or the next of kin should contact our funeral home. The funeral home will then make arrangements with another funeral home, where the death occurred, to do ... Read More>>



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